ATM Token Group is a Vertically‐Integrated, Full‐Service Operator. We offer reliable, end-to-end Cash Services solutions for ATM services. From making sure you have cash on hand to ensure your machines are in good working order, we've got you covered.

Logistics, Installation & Deployment
  • ATM Token Group has regionally located warehouses for the quick and efficient deployment of ATMs to merchants.
  • In‐house, experienced deployment team specializes in rapid and large scale installations.
Multi‐lingual Call Center
  • Operates a customer service call center with an algorithm‐based priority call routing system to ensure most active ATMs get the fastest service.
  • IT system proactively identifies non‐transacting sites ("0tx") for outbound calling to remotely troubleshoot, often before the merchant has noticed there is a problem.
National Technician & Dispatch Team
  • Operates a national, in‐house network of service technicians.
  • Abundant service routes for timely and cost‐effective servicing.
  • In‐house expertise to service all ATM terminals.
Armored Car & Cash Loading Services
  • We have relationships with multiple armored carrier cash logistics companies.
  • We offer clients fully insured armored car and cash courier services through its in‐house armored car and cash courier teams.
  • Fully insured, regionally located vaults.
  • Higher service levels from in‐house than 3rd party providers.
  • We offer hassle freeloading for your ATM’s.
  • Cash pickups are available across North American.
Cash Vaulting Service
  • We have multiple cash vaulting service relationships including access to virtual vaults.
  • A virtual vault can be built with the same physical protections and function with the appropriate cash management operational controls, and penetration resistance. They are used to store cash for multiple customers, with rigorous internal accounting and physical inventory controls to ensure the integrity of individual accounts.
Banknote Counter - In Branch or Depot Service
  • ATM Token Group professional managed services allows you to choose from our In Branch Service or Depot Service (Ship in / Ship out).
  • ATM Token will maintain our exceptional customer service to ensure timely service and efficiency to reduce downtime.
  • Our fully trained technicians are available across Canada. We also offer our Premium Note Counter Preventive Maintenance (PM) Kits / Supplies & Accessories.
ATM Rentals
  • If you need an ATM on your premise or for a special event we will be able to quickly get one deployed. You can rent just the ATM, or rent it with a vehicle.

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