Banknote Counters

Efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly counting and sorting machines.

How do you choose the right Banknote Counter?

The first feature that a Banknote Counter should have is RELIABILITY. That is, it should never be mistaken in counting banknotes, one mistake can be very expensive. Remember, we are not counting papers, we are counting notes. The price of the machine shouldn`t be the most important factor. A low price often does not provide RELIABILITY and good service.

Typical Situation:
  • Notes are sorted by value or denomination prior to its final count.
  • The Banks or CIT Companies requires us to deposit the notes in bundles of 100.
  • The source of income is not completely secure. There may be counterfeits notes.
  • We want to know that the delivery of the fund in Banks or CIT Companies has been made with genuine notes avoiding future discounts.
  • You want to gain time (counting bills by hand costs money).
  • We want to avoid counting errors.
  • Identify smaller banknotes (lower value) intermixed in a stack.
Choosing one of our Banknote Counters with counterfeit detection and note size detection will satisfy your needs.

Our machines are reasonably priced and we offer a good aftersales service. To choose the model that best suits your needs, you have to think about the following:

  • What volume of notes do I have to count on a daily basis?

    If the volume of notes is very high we recommend the ProNote 300 - Count, for medium volumes, we recommend the ProNote 1.5

  • Are The banknotes I have to count in good condition?

    If the Banknotes are in good condition and the volume is not high, we can choose the ProNote 1.5 - Compact Processing Power. If the notes are in poor condition (torn, wrinkled, old, washed out, etc) with a high volume ,then we should opt for a ProNote 300 - Count on Flexible Productivity, otherwise; we would have constant jams during the count.

  • Do I receive fake notes?

    If you run the risk of receiving counterfeits notes in your business you should opt for a higher degree of detection, however, if your bank notes come from a low risk source such as vending machines than a lower degree of detection will be sufficient.

  • Do I need to count mixed notes?

    There are two types of currency counters regardless of load type: Rear or Top Loading. The Banknote Counter counts and detect notes previously sorted by denomination.

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